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Holte's URE Shoe Style Underreamer is an eccentric underreaming system requiring a shoe. When using this system the shoe provides a surface that the underreamer (UR) tool can hammer on to drive the casing down.  When using this Shoe Style Underreamer there are several factors to consider: What is the desired depth to achieve? The shoe will eventually wear out or break off from being hammered on any (UR) tool. To reduce wear from occurring and allow you to drill to the desired depth Holte machines the faces where the (UR) tool and the drive shoe make contact in a way that reduces the gauling effect from the two surfaces colliding. Another way we reduce wear is from careful material selection prior to machining. This ensures that when we case harden the durability of the shoe works in harmony with the (UR) tool to give the user the ultimate durability . How much water is present? The increase of ground water pressure inhibits the drilling tool as it advances deeper under water by effectively reducing the air pressure needed to run the underreamer. This is known as water out or flood out factor and can eventually reach a point where the user can no longer install casing efficiently and may want to consider using a casing driver style Underreamer. What is the scope of the work? While Holte's Shoe Style Drilling Underreamer provides one of the most versatile ways to drill through overburden, using a shoe in general requires the bit to be slightly smaller as it must pass through the shoe. Although our Shoe Style and Casing Driver Style System both drill the same sized holes, the smaller shoe bit has less surface contact and wears out sooner than the Casing Driver Style. While Holte's URE Shoe Style Underreamer is the ultimate in it class and can be made in any shank style to match up with your current system, the Holte URE Casing Driver Style Underreamer might be an even better match for the drilling conditions you are faced with.

Holte's URE Casing Driver Style Underreamer is also an eccentric underreaming system, however, it does not require a shoe. When using this system the casing is hammered down from the top by a Holte Casing Driver mounted on the top head drive. While the Casing Driver Style underreamer's energy can still be reduced by the flood out factor, this system does not have to move the casing. Therefore, the Casing Driver Style System can offer the advantage of being able to drill more effectively in water. The Casing Driver style system also drills better, because the bit is slightly larger, since it does not need to fit through a drive shoe. In this case there is considerably more bit surface against the wall of the well bore. This larger size bit also will outlast the Shoe Style .

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