Holte Rotary Drive Heads

Holte Rotary Top Drives are available with one to four hydraulic motors giving you a full range of continuous torque from 25,000 to 100,000 foot pounds (34KNM to 136KNM). The 6000-4DP is specifically designed for reverse circulation drilling with an 8” spindle opening, but can be sleeved to 6”. Depending on the application and drill depth. The Rotary Top Drive can also be converted to conventional drilling.

Standard 6000-4 DPC Configuration Includes:
- Air inlet swivel
- Cuttings discharge with replicable wear plate
- Automatic mechanical lubrication
- Bulkhead with all hydraulic and air connection

- Grout through line with pinch valve
- Cuttings discharge with pinch valve
- 90 degree tilt for easy drill pipe hook-up
- Carriage or slide adapted to your mast
- Bulkhead positioned on slide

All Holte products are made in Oregon, USA, within their three facilities including a design and machine department, a fabrication facility and heat treating facility. Holte’s heat treating facility is solely devoted to heat treating Holte drilling tools creating the quality Holte is known for.

Holte customers who have purchased a Rotary Top Drive, often bring their drilling rig to Holte’s fabrication facility to have it custom fit to their rig. These installations have included the Holte Rotary Top Drive with a cylinder mounted pneumatic casing driver and reverse circulation drill pipe. These systems have been fitted to Holte RC or conventional underreaming drills ranging from 10” to 42”. Holte Manufacturing delivers a complete system custom built with durable craftsmanship.

Holte Rotary Drive Head
Drive head mounted on Bauer RTG 19 sled. Full tilt to 90 and equipped with 2 hydraulic motors. This drive head has the grout inlet system and pinch valves for both cuttings discharge and grout line and is operating in France.

In this configuration it will produce 50,000 foot pounds of continuous torque from 0 to 10 RPM.

Holte Rotary Drive HeadRotary Top Head DriveRotary Drive Head
Rotary Drive Heads
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