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Project Description

URG Drive Shoes

Maximize your underreaming with a Holte URE designed to have a wider cutting edge where you need it most.  The Holte oval shape places more cutting edge on the bore hole wall.  The URE Drive Shoe Style Underreamer is similar to the Casing driver style except the driver portion has a drive shoulder. This shoulder drives down the drive shoe that is welded to the casing. With this system, the down hole hammer is used to both drill and drive casing.

Eccentric Overburden Systems are available between 5″ – 12″.

Down Hole Drive Shoes
Drive Shoes 
DescriptionPart #:
5” Drive Shoe Standard (5 1/2” OD X 4 3/8” ID)100541
5” Drive Shoe Heavy Duty (5 1/2” OD X 4 3/8” ID)100542
6” Drive Shoe Standard (6 5/8” OD x 5.58” ID)100543
6” Drive Shoe Heavy Duty100544
6” Drive Shoe Slim Wall100545
8” Drive Shoe Standard (8 9/16” OD x 7.5” ID)100546
10” Drive Shoe Heavy Duty (10 3/4” OD x 9.5” ID)100547
10” Drive Shoe Sandvik
12” Drive Shoe Heavy Duty
12” Drive Shoe Sandvik
12” URG Drive Shoe100551
14” Drive Shoe Heavy Duty100552
16” Drive Shoe Heavy Duty100553
22” Ring100554
22” Shoe10055
24” Ring100556
24” Shoe100557