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Project Description

Rotary Top Head Drives

  • Top Head Drives compatible with both Conventional and Reverse Circulation

  • Compact 3000 series Top Head or versatile and powerful 6000 series Top Head

  • Less tool wear means less replacement than a side discharge swivel

  • RC exhaust through the center of the Top Head permits max drill pipe length and passes larger cuttings

Powerful Top Drives in Two Sizes

The 6000 series has a torque rating of up to 84,000 ft/lbs continuous, and 100,000 ft/lbs intermittent. The 6000 can run hammer sizes from 10”- 40” and multi hammer drills up to 60”.

The compact, yet powerful, 3000 series fits into the mast of smaller drill rigs. The 3000 features a continuous torque rating of 18,000 ft/lbs with intermittent operation up to 28,000 ft/lbs.