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Project Description

Reverse Drilling Tools

While Holte has been designing and retrofitting rigs to work with Reverse Circulation Drilling Technologies since our first RC (reverse circulation) hole hammer in the 80’s, it was not until the Reno Retrack Job drilling over 2000 holes through downtown Reno, Nevada that Holte proved itself as the market leader on Reverse Circulation well, hole boring and foundation drilling tools / solutions.

Today, Holte has projects currently in operation throughout the world and still leads the way for innovation and the manufacturing of complete foundation drilling and Reverse Circulation / RC well drilling systems. We also specialize in the drilling products and tools used in the construction of Secant retaining walls. You will find that we love what we do and are proud to be able to supply tooling and solutions directly to our customers, especially when we get to share in their success and see them fully realize the benefits of Drilling using a Holte Reverse Circulation System.

Reverse Drilling Tools Holte Manufacturer

Reverse Circulation is where Holte undoubtedly leads the industry. With 40+ years of experience designing and manufacturing alongside our customers to suit their job specific requirements and working with them in the field, Holte has been able to develop some of the most efficient and durable drilling tools available. Whether you need a hole hammer and bit to meet specific specification for the ground conditions your faced with, or you would like our standard design that draws from our past, proven design and heat treatment process, you can rely on Holte to work with you and get the drilling job done faster. To support your needs, our support staff is also available to travel to most job sites for a reasonable fee.