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Project Description

Reverse Circulation Top Head Drives

  • Reverse Circulation ready Top Head Drives

  • RC exhaust through the center of the Top Head permits max drill pipe length and passes larger cuttings

  • Less tool wear means less replacement than a side discharge swivel

  • Compact 3000 series Top Head or versatile and powerful 6000 series Top Head

Reverse Circulation Top Head Drive

Rotary Drives Designed for Reverse Circulation

Holte manufacturing began making Top Heads 25 years ago when it became clear that existing products on the market were not meeting the needs for RC drilling. Holte started machining gears and the RC Top Head Drive was born.

Over the last quarter century, our design has matured to be durable, dependable, and straightforward for easy maintenance. Top Heads are customizable for reverse circulation, grout through systems, tilting heads, and more.

Powerful Top Drives in Two Sizes

The 6000 series has a torque rating of up to 84,000 ft/lbs continuous, and 100,000 ft/lbs intermittent. The 6000 can run hammer sizes from 10”- 40” and multi hammer drills up to 60”.

The compact, yet powerful, 3000 series fits into the mast of smaller drill rigs. The 3000 features a continuous torque rating of 18,000 ft/lbs with intermittent operation up to 28,000 ft/lbs.