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Project Description

Reverse Circulation Top Head Drilling Rig Drives –
Foundation and Well Drilling Applications

The Holte Reverse Circulation Top Head Drive motor serves several functions in the drilling field. It drives drill pipe and allows casing driver mounting. The large hole through the center allows for reverse circulation discharge or blows through for conventional drilling. This makes it a good choice for drillers currently not running reverse circulation, who are planning to switch to RC drilling in the future.

Customizing Your Drilling Top Head

Top head drive system consists of hydraulic motors, gear sets and main drive gear. Motors and gearing are assembled  to meet your needs.

The hole drilling top head can be purchased with one motor and add up to three more for optimum power. A built in pump supplies lubrication to the main gear bearings. Systems are durable and may be easily upgraded for long-term trouble-free operation.

Rotation speeds are variable in the suggested range 6-20 RPM. Higher rpm is available. Torque ranges are available to 170,000 ft-lbs. Lifting capacity of the top head bearings are good to 1.5 million Ibs. Greater capacity may be available according to customer need.

For Your Convenience

The top head drive easily mounts to the drill mast and allows convenient field maintenance and repair with off the shelf universal replacement components. Drive gears are hardened and ground. The large center through holes are up to 8″ diameter.