Hole Openers for Down Hole Drilling 2018-02-18T06:24:52+00:00

Project Description

DTH – Down The Hole Well Enlargement Drilling Tools

Hole openers can provide hole enlargement for various reasons drilling needs, ranging from rig and equipment capabilities to job specifications. Holte Hole Openers are available in pilot and reaming diameters up to 43″ (1092mm) for all shank designs.

Holte can manufacture and heat treat in house any hole opener size up to 43” (1092mm) in diameter.

Larger sizes available. Available in a variety of shank style, bit face or button configuration’s to include diamond buttons for the ultimate in durability. Holte is also able to work with you to design a bit to maximize performance in the ground conditions you are faced with on your next job. The initial hole was drilled using a Holte Reverse Circulation 22 1/4″ pilot bit and then enlarged by the Holte 43″ Reverse Circulation Reaming Bit and Holte 30″ RC Hammer seen in the photo.