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Project Description

Hex Pipe Offers Advantages

Holte’s Dual Wall Drill Pipe with Quick Release Hex Head was created by Holte Manufacturing as a solution to the problem of thread binding. This is particularly a problem with large diameter systems using our traditional threaded joints due to the higher amount of torque applied to the drill string. Holte Hex Joint Pipe eliminates this, while adding several other advantages over traditional threaded joints.

When disconnecting hex pipe, no counter rotation is needed as the joints simply plug together due to their unique design. When connected the joints are held together by two machined pins that require no more than a standard wrench to remove. This greatly reduces time spent assembling and disassembling drilling pipe. Another big advantage of hex connections is the ability to rotate the pipe in both directions. When difficult conditions persist this is an option that will keep you drilling, while your competition is stuck in the hole.

Complete Drilling Systems

Reverse circulation drilling requires all the components to be carefully matched in order to fully realize the benefits of this style of drilling and drill pipe sizing is critical to success. For this reason Holte is proud to offer everything from the drill rig to drilling bit, including custom top head drives specifically designed and outfitted for reverse circulation drilling.

Hex Drill Pipe
Holte Drill Pipe RC/Hex 
DescriptionPart #:
10-3/4" OD X 4.8" ID X 20' RC Hex Pipe090210-4820
13-5/8" OD X 6.25" ID x 5' Hex Pipe090213-6205
13-5/8" OD X 6.25" ID x 10' Hex Pipe090213-6210
13-5/8" OD X 6.25" ID x 20' Hex Pipe090213-6220
13-5/8" OD X 6.25" ID x 40' Hex Pipe090213-6240
16" OD X 8" ID x 5' Hex Pipe090216-0805
16" OD X 8" ID x 10' Hex Pipe090216-0810
16" OD X 8" ID x 20' Hex Pipe090216-0820
16" OD X 8" ID x 40' Hex Pipe090216-0840