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Project Description

Pneumatic Extractor Hammer above ground Casing and Drill String Extractor

  • The Holte Extractor Hammer is a pneumatic hammer
  • Available in several models ranging from a 35 lb to 900 lb piston sleeve
  • Pull up or push down, twisting simultaneously if desired (normally only need to pull)

The outer sleeve of the extractor is a reciprocating weight that is operated by air. It cycles rapidly like a down hole hammer but is used above ground to extract stubborn casing and drill string. It comes standard with a 4 1⁄2” API thread at each end of the main body. Using the wide range of subs we manufacture it can be fastened to the top head drive or Kelly of any rig. The sub on the bottom is fastened to the drill rod, casing or whatever you want to extract.

The extractor hammer package includes two subs to adapt to the 4 1/2″ API of the tool. The following subs come standard with other options available at an additional cost: 3 1⁄2″ API pin up or pin down 2 7/8″ IF pin up or pin down (With a 6″ pulling plug) Some available subs include threaded casing adapters and a heavy duty hinge that allows the casing or drill pipe to be pulled out away from the rig as the top head is lowered back down.

Side shackle adapter air inlet adapters for extractor hammers can be used with a crane, excavator, or traditional rig.  When used off a Top head drive, soft straps can be used to hang the extractor in order to isolate bearings so the top head is undamaged.

Download Extractor Hammer Brochure