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Project Description

Conventional Down Hole Hammer For Water Well, Foundation Boring and Drilling

Holte offers unmatched experience designing and manufacturing conventional down hole hammers and bits. We have keep our same traditional conventional design for years, only to refine it into the efficient and durable design it has become today.

Whether you need a DTH Hammer to meet specific specifications for the ground conditions your faced with or you would like our standard design that draws from our past, proven design and heat treatment process, you can rely on Holte’s tooling to work with you and get the job done.

The Holte Down Hole Hammer is the simplest hammer in the drilling industry because it has fewer parts. It has wrench dimples in the barrel, back head, and chuck which make it possible to easily disassemble in the field or in the shop.

All machining and heat treatment for all the components in our DTH Hammer is done in house to achieve the ultimate control and matching of materials. Available in standard sizes starting at 5″ up to 36”.