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Drilling Accessory Tools / Well, Foundation, and Hole Boring

The secret to our satisfied customers is our deeply rooted passion for drilling. From the beginning our drilling supplies, tools, and products are innovated using a collaborative process. This involves some of the most experienced people, software and manufacturing used in the drilling industry. This process gives Holte tooling an unmatched level of innovation, quality and durability providing the competitive edge you need to succeed.

The reason we have been able to achieve such success is through collaborating directly with our customers. With access to the most innovative and competitive tooling knowledge and technology on the market, our partnership will design the best solutions for out-drilling the competition. Our work with customers in the early stages of the bid cycle has created opportunities, uncovering new ways of drilling faster. Join us on the cutting edge of this exciting technology.

Holte Manufacturing USA continues to offer the complete line of DTH (Down The Hole drilling) foundation and hole-boring tools from which this company was built. Today, our well and foundation drilling product scope includes a complete, integrated line of tooling and drilling system solutions unparalleled in the industry. The presence and breath of products available to the United States and International market has broadened drastically throughout the years.

Our company’s passion for innovation and the way we designed our manufacturing process in Veneta, Oregon allow us to take that a step further and design, fabricate, and manufacture with the shortest turn around of anyone in the industry.



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