42" Holte Reverse Circulation Bit
Hammer and RC pipe for hole in Arizona sand stone
Approx 400' deep, angled to reach lake water for emergency water for a power plant.

Drilling in Page, Arizona

14" Holte Reverse Circulation grout through bit
Hammer and RC pipe
Over 50 foundation holes using the grout through method
Pumps grout through the hammer and bit as the drill is pulled out.
Approx 40' deep cemented single pass foundation installations.

Drilling Hospital Foundation, St. Cloud, MN

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Leading the Industry

Holte Manufacturing began as an innovator in well drilling tools and equipment over 40 years ago while Art Holte was out on a drilling job and realized the need for better equipment. Today, Holte leads the industry as an integrated designer and manufacturer of components for drilling tools and complete drilling systems from rig to bit. As the technology for efficient, durable drilling supplies and tooling becomes more complex we have found it is essential to design, fabricate, manufacture and heat treat in one location to ensure Holte’s quality standards are met. Not only do we do this, we take it a step further and work directly with our customers in the field.

Collaboration & Innovation

Through this constant collaboration with our customers, the latest machinery and design technology and our willingness to listen, we are able to innovate and build revolutionary systems that continually set the benchmark throughout the industry. Also, through our state of the art manufacturing process and dedicated employees we are able to design, fabricate and manufacture drilling supplies and tools with the shortest turn around of anyone in the industry.

Our Vision

In the end our vision is simple. We want to work with you to drill faster and further than the competition with the most innovative drilling components, making Holte Drilling System’s the right solution for your next job.

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