Drill Rig Modifications:
Rotary Top Drives, Well Drilling Tools, Equipment and Supplies

Holte Manufacturing can design and build the correct drilling top head drive for your drill rig and needs. Holte makes and heat treats their own gears, shafts and all drilling components.

With Holte drilling tools and equipment, large through holes for exhausting debris from the 4", 6" 8", 10" (whatever is required regarding the side shift, tilt out or fixed torque required), is only limited by the strength of the drill mast. Holte Manufacturing also offers free consultation to evaluate your top head drive drilling equipment needs and / or hole boring solutions.

Top Head Drives, Well Drilling Tools, Equipment and SuppliesWell and Foundation Drilling Top Head DrivesWell and Foundation Drilling Top Head Drives

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All products are Made in the USA!

We are also proud to make a wide variety of
Glue Mixing products, machines and tanks used all over the world.

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